Exhaust Silencers


Vikings guiding principal has always been to support OEM generating set manufacturers, not compete with them. To complement thiswe manufacture a range of configurable standard or custom designed diesel engine exhaust silencers
specifically designed for constant speed pump & generating set applications. We can also supply exhaust silencers designed for natural gas applications with AGA compliant models pressure tested up to 700 kPa. This complies with Australian gas standards for silencers used on natural gas engines.Viking offer a standard range of attenuation levels however we can combine silencer types to achieve low exhaust noise levels in critical installations.The majority of our silencers are manufactured in stainless steel (304 or 316) although we offer an identical line built in mild steel with high temperature (750 degree C) paint finish.
Our internally insulated and external clad double walled silencers reduce breakout noise and reduce heat dissipation and are our most popular products. These are used extensively in the Asia/Pacific offshore oil and gas industry


Our standard silencer range includes the following features and benefits

  • Customer nominated inlet and outlet locations, sizes and types
  • Bore sizes from 2” to 18” in our standard range
  • Fast manufacturing turnaround, typically 14 days or less
  • MIG or TIG weldconstruction (no spot welding)for long service life
  • Only 1200 degree C rated ceramic wool lining used internally
  • Two, three and four chamber designs offer varying sound reduction levels from 15 dba to 40 dba
  • Multi chamber reactive / absorptive design in all models above 15dba sound reduction
  • Optional external clad or internal lined insulated bodies on all sizes
  • Extremely competitive pricing on all sizes


In addition to our standard range of cylindrical silencers we offer a complete design and manufacturing service for custom silencers in any bore size up to 24”. We can adapt the shape of the silencer to fit in specific locations such as internally roof mounted in sound attenuated containers, or configure special inlet or outlet pipe work such as matching twin inlets to twin turbocharger outlets on larger engines. Larger Silencers can be configured for horizontal or vertical mounting.

Contact us for more details or a custom exhaust silencer solution for you next project